Symmetrical fail secure monitored strike, 10-24Vdc, continuous current

Ref: F0502000049

The SPR1024 is part of CDVI's S series that features a symmetrical body for easier installation. S strikes are also one of the smallest and narrowest strikes available. These strikes are suitable for UPVC doors as well as multipoint locking. The MOV (metal oxide varistor) fitted inside all S Series strikes protects your system from electric spikes that can cause damage to electronic control devices. The SPR1024 is a fail secure strike, has a monitoring switch, and opens when voltage is applied. It is continuously rated (@ 12Vdc only) with a voltage between 10 and 24V. The adjustable jaw has a 4 mm play. The strike is equipped with a bi-directional diode.

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  • Symmetrical electric strike with NO/NC monitoring switch

  • Comes with TG stainless steel fixing plate

  • Optional RIM housing - see T208

  • Built-in MOV to protect from electrical spikes 

  • One of the smallest and narrowest strikes available - suitable for UPVC doors and multipoint locking

  • Adjustable radial jaw (4mm)