Architrave infrared touchless exit switch

Ref: E0901D000364

RTE-AIR is a surface mount infrared exit device with a brushed stainless steel faceplate. Infrared detection allows switch activation with just a hand wave at 3-15 cm adjustment range, without needing to make contact with the device. This touch-free activation is ideal for sterile environments, DDA compliant installations and general high traffic areas such as hospitals, public buildings and colleges. The RTE-AIR can be connected directly to an access control device to be used as an exit button. The bi-coloured LED indicator gives visual verification of the device status.

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  • Touchless infrared exit device

  • Adjustable infrared sensor - from 3 to 15cm activation range

  • Compact, narrow architrave, surface mount design 

  • Two-colour LED status indicator - blue for standby, green for active

  • Single pole NO/NC/COM timed relay - adjustable between 0.1 and 30.0 sec

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