1-metre architectural housing for single door, 1 x 300kg maglock, horizontal installation

Ref: E0901D000561

This transom housing comes with one 300kg electro-magnetic lock (V3E35R). Transom housings offer a neater and more aesthetic finish to maglock installations. The transom is fitted into the door frame, with the maglock fitted inside the housing. This model is 1m in length, mounts horizontally, and includes a single cut-out with one electro-magnetic lock. The AH3 series of housings can only be used with the V3E35R maglock.

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  • Surface mount architectural housing kit

  • Includes 1 x 300kg transom maglock (V3E35R)

  • Forms part of the door frame and provides a tidy aesthetic finish 

  • Horizontal installation

  • Designed to be easy to install

  • Can be sprayed in custom RAL colours on request

  • L-bracket available: See AH3-1L

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