All-active switch, 1 x microswitch

Ref: F0701000173

This high quality, all-active ergonomic switch makes accessibility easy. It is activated by a finger, hand, elbow, foot, knee, or other implement, depending on the installed height of the button. Installation is simple thanks to the snap-on cover. It is equipped with a high performance microswitch and is made from environmentally-friendly aluminium. The PB1 has 1 x NO/NC relay output, to connect to door automation and access control systems for smooth integration.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Modern design in environmentally-friendly aluminium

  • Robust microswitch

  • Snap-on cover for easy installation

  • Activate it with your hand, foot, or elbow depending on mounting height

  • Available with 2 microswitches (PB2), LEDs (PB2LED), and radio frequency (PBRF)

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