Toilet door control for door automation

Ref: E0901D000554

The DW-TLC is operated by two touch-sensitive sensors. It controls entry by locking and unlocking the door at the appropriate times, interfacing with both the automatic door operator and the locking device. The touch-sensitive units make it easy to operate for anyone, including those with limited mobility or dexterity. Entry: Touch the external sensor. The door opener activates to provide access. Lock: Touch the internal sensor to lock the door. To confirm the door is locked, the LEDs on both sensors flash, showing the toilet is engaged and inhibiting the entry sensor. Exit: Touch the internal sensor again. The indicator stops flashing. The door unlocks and the door opener activates. The entry sensor stops flashing and can provide access again.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Anti-microbial coating to help combat the spread of infections

  • Locked or unlocked when vacant (set by DIP switch)

  • Impulse latch and release (set by DIP switch)

  • Standard door contact included

  • LED indicators for door locking status 

  • Also available as a kit (DW-TLC-KIT)

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