Laser safety sensor for swing doors

Ref: E0901D000549

The DW-FLATSCAN uses cutting-edge laser technology to create an extremely accurate and reliable safety solution for automated swing doors. This sensor employs lasers and 'time of flight' technology, rather than traditional infrared detection. Generating a laser curtain, measuring 170 points divided over 106 degrees, the DW-FLATSCAN covers two zones at the same time: the door wing (70 points over 90 degrees) and the hinge area (100 points over 16 degrees). The technology allows for both very discreet installations as well as improved safety to the door and hinge area.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Laser safety sensor device

  • Extremely accurate and reliable detection

  • 170-point laser detection over 106° angle

  • Self-learning installation

  • Self-adjusting in operation

  • Ideal for use with DIGIWAY door operators

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