Wireless radio kit including 1x 1-relay receiver and 2 x 1-channel transmitters

Ref: F1002000142

The CUBEKIT is a wireless radio kit that is part of the CUBE X family of radio products. The CUBEKIT inlcudes one 1-relay receiver and two handheld transmitters. This radio solution is a cost-effective way for modernising and automating homes and businesses when automating doors, gates, elevators, lighting, and more. The receiver (CUBEPOWER) is programmed and controlled remotely via the InstallerCUBE app available on iOS and Android. Another app is also available for end users specifically, allowing them direct access (UserCUBE). The CUBE X system also features relay triggering possibilities through NFC tags and mobile credentials for even faster access. Installers who register on the InstallerCUBE app for the first time receive three mobile credentials for free!

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Remotely programmable radio kit

  • No need to access the receiver once installed

  • Memory capacity up to to 250 transmitters and 100 smartphones

  • KeeLoq® hopping code

  • Installer (InstallerCUBE) and end-user (UserCUBE) app available

  • Get 3 free mobile credentials upon account creation!* 

  • 10x mobile credentials licence card available (CMC10)

  • Kit includes: 1 x CUBEPOWER, 2 x S1TR2641E1

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