300kg monitored surface mount magnet with universal relay

Ref: F0410000153

The SD300M is a monitored surface double maglock with a holding force of up to 300kg on each side. By including two magnets, not only is the holding force doubled for a high-security solution, but the risk of door flexing is also significantly reduced, as the holding force is spread over a greater area. The SD300M is supplied with security catch ropes, which prevent the magnets from falling and ensure they can be mounted safely. This model comes with 2 x DPM-300 (door status monitoring), which has an input of 12-24Vac/dc with a double pole changeover relay. Ideal for van spares - one of those handy things you don't realise you need until you need it!

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Surface mount maglock with door position monitoring

  • Ideal for auto-relock control

  • Up to 300kg holding force

  • Z&L bracket available

  • Visual indication with LED

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