DIGIWAY control panel, white

Ref: F0543000212

The DWCP is an external control panel that can be connected to the CDVI door operators (DIGIWAY Plus and DIGIWAY SR). It replaces the external side switch of the unit that controls the operating mode of the door, allowing operation away from the door in a convenient area.The panel allows to set the operating mode to: ‘Automatic’, ‘Door free’ and ‘Door open’. It can also set ‘Day/Night’ mode, disabling the external door sensors at night. Thanks to its IP55 enclosure, the DWCP can be installed outside.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • DIGIWAY external control panel 

  • Hard-wired directly to the DIGIWAY door operator

  • Convenient way to set door operating modes (open/auto/free) and switch day/night modes

  • 'No-touch' button activation 

  • Visual indication with LEDs

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