Traffic light entry system for safely managing building capacity

Ref: E0901D000357

The CDVI-CTMK kit includes everything you need to ensure safe social distancing and capacity management in the workplace. This solution's easy-to-use traffic light entry system makes it clear when it is and isn't safe for a person to enter. Once a person has been admitted through the door, the customisable timer automatically re-locks the door, allowing you to effectively manage flows of people.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Two-colour traffic light doorbell kit 

  • Wire-free wall-mounted transmitter

  • Customisable timer for relocking

  • Combines with infrared touchless exit device

  • Five-year warranty to protect your solution

  • Kit includes: SIS traffic light call button, RX26-XPL receiver, TX26-TM transmitter, PSMB123 power supply, V3SR maglock, 300-ZL bracket, SENSIR touchless transmitter, VHLR universal relay, and EM201 emergency exit device

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